26 May 2013

Study Task 8: Creative CV Research

To inform the design of my own creative CV, I have collected research into other designer creative cv's that I have been able to find either on Behance or through Pinterest. In all honesty, I don't find any of them particularly appealing, as they all seem to be following a trend to be based on infographics, which may have worked for a couple of people in the beginning, but using infographics on a CV now will fail to stand out because it is so ubiquitous now. I also don't see how this kind of design shows off people's skills to the full, and I think that if you are a professional designer, surely you would be looking for a creative cv that shows skills in layout, detail and ability to write copy and present an idea clearly? There are a few examples that I have found that use a more typical layout and format, and although this is not as creative as the more elaborate infographic cvs, I believe they communicate better and would be the more likely candidates to get a job. I also like the first CV in the pdf where he uses humour against a more serious CV layout to contrast this and also demonstrate his style and creativity but in a more restrained manner, and as sense of humour is something I want to put across in my own creative CV I will be using this as inspiration.

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