22 May 2013

OUGD505 Module Evaluation

1.  What skills have you developed through this module and how effectively do you think you have applied them?

I think in this module I have tried to push myself to create a more consistent and higher quality of work, although in terms of additional skills that I have gained, they are limited as I did not attempt to try that many new print processes. One thing I have been saying to myself the last few modules is that I will try and finish off my products to a better standard, so that is one skill that I have developed, although I still have a lot more to do to get to the point I want to be at. I have used new finishing techniques such as triplexing stock, which was actually more difficult than I expected as precision is very important and that is something I still lack. I do think that I have developed the ability to think more broadly in terms of design possibilities and product range which I needed to improve after the last module, as well as researching my topic of cheese more broadly. On this brief I also pushed myself to develop my hand rendering skills which I applied to my recipe card and other little pieces of packaging, and although it was time consuming I was pleased with the outcomes of my efforts and feel more confident in exploring illustration through my design in the future.

2. What approaches to/methods of design production have you developed and how have they informed your design development process?

Because of time constraints, I do not feel like I have developed many new design production methods, in all honesty I knew that time was tight and so anything that required a method of print production that I could not do manually I sent off, such as the stamps that can be seen across all of my branding. I am pleased that I used them however as they have added an extra quality to my designs and also communicate the sense of a traditional British identity. Had I had more time I would have ideally screen printed most of my products to gain a better print finish and ensure that the colours I were using on screen were transferred to my actual prints, which unfortunately is not the case as I had to print a lot digitally.

3. What strengths and weaknesses can you identify in your work and how have/will you capitalise on these?

I think this has been one of the briefs I am most happy with, although I can still see a lot of flaws in the designs where my skills still need to develop. 

My strengths in this brief have been creating a broader range of relevant products, and putting more thought in to the details of the finished products, such as the use of triplexing to ensure that the main crimson colour of my branding ran through the entire collateral, use of stock, use of pattern throughout the branding and also the finishing element of parcel twine that I applied to my wine tags and to my cheese catalogue. I think that I have also managed to communicate the British element of the brand in a way that is not, for want of a better word, cheesy, and avoids the use of most visual cliches about Britain, aside from the Union Jack colours, but I think I have used them in a more subtle way which stops it being too in your face. I am also pleased with the stamps I created as it has made my products seem more authentic and traditional, and of a higher quality. 
My weaknesses on my brief, as usual have been my time management. I did not leave enough time to print products and develop my work comfortably, and so although I am happy with the work, I have noticed parts which look rushed, such as my catalogue of cheeses which is the disaster zone of this brief. Inside, you can see where my skills with precision and detail still need to improve, and had I planned my time better I could have sent it off to be printed instead of trying to do it home and then finding out you can't align the print properly. My lack of precision can also be seen in my cream business cards, where I used the wrong guillotine and ended up needing to chop the business card down too far so that now it does not achieve the consistency within the branding that I was hoping for. I also think that the copy I have used could be more exciting and interesting to read, as I feel that this has been something I have not really paid attention to this time.  Perhaps this is because I have tried to avoid using too much humour in this branding, and so attempting to write without making some kind of joke or pun about cheese has been unusual for me, especially considering that my Japanese branding ended up being called 'Get Bento'. 

Identify the things that you will do differently next time and what do you expect to gain from doing these?

Leave more time to print and finish products as opposed to spending too much time developing designs and then having a print product that is visually lacking in real life due to poor print quality. 

Attempt to utilise more of the facilities at the college so that I can explore more design production processes.

Take more care and precision when finishing products even if it takes a little bit longer. 

Pay more attention to the copy writing to ensure that it communicates the right tone of voice and is interesting to read. 

Try to relax and enjoy the design process more instead of thinking of it as simply a task to complete for a deadline. 

Attendance- 4
Punctuality- 5
Motivation- 3
Commitment- 4
Quantity of work produced- 4
Quality of work produced- 3

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