22 May 2013

OUGD504 Module Evaluation

This module has been a steep learning curve for me, but I have continued to develop some of the skills that I began to explore in the first year. One of the major skills I have developed is the ability to research deeper into a subject area, which has applied to each brief in different ways. In the Design for Print brief, it was valuable to research further into the printing and finishing methods available in the industry, and this is something that helped inform the guide I produced, as well as informing me for the future when I need a good knowledge of print processes for professional jobs. It applied to the Design for Web brief with the history of cocktails research we had to undertake during the summer, which then got turned into my Speakeasy website. The research into the Prohibition era influenced the actual design elements of the site and the actual content I created for it. In Design for Print and Web the research again underpinned the project, which was based on music from the Madchester era, which influenced the style of design I chose and the way I expressed the music lyrics. 
Research has also made me more aware of contexts of design and how to target audiences better through design.  Another major skill I have learnt during this module is designing and coding websites, which is something I am still finding difficult to process, but am interested in further investigating after this module. I feel I have a basic knowledge which I wish to build upon before I graduate, and it has been very useful to know what goes into creating a site, and making it easy to use and navigate. I have also furthered skills I began to develop in the first year in terms of layouts and processes in the printed aspects of the modules, although I do wish that I had spent more time on the this side of the modules and developed my printed products more. 

My strengths in this module have been the creation of the branding for the record store I created, and also the typographic posters I created which I feel have turned out well, and have pushed me to try a different style that I have been apprehensive to explore before. Although I have not created a very complex website, I am proud that I have been able to even produce a working site, when I was so fearful about the module before we started on it. 

My weaknesses in this project have been not thoroughly finishing the products, which is something I have still not managed to master. Despite feeling I have handled my time well, I do feel like I gave too much time to researching and designing of the product, and not enough time to thinking about stock and format to the best of my ability, which has affected the finish of the products in a negative way. Given more time, I would have tried to source better stock for my products. I also feel disappointed in my lack of motivation in the design for print brief, which I feel has let me down the most in this module. I have created a print manual that I do not feel is technically badly designed, but having the chance to look at other people's final products, I know I could have pushed it further and created a product that was more engaging and innovative. I do not think I have handled the time I have been given to the best of my ability either, which is down to both other commitments and, at points, a lack of motivation, which led me to leave certain things to the last minute without a chance to develop the products to the best of my ability. 

In the future I would like to create plans and to do lists, and split my workload more equally so that I do not feel rushed, and this will also allow me more time to finish my products to a professional level. 

5 Things I would do differently next time are...
Use the research I have found from the design for print module on printing methods and finishes and apply them to my own designs to create a broader and more professional range of products. 
Source more primary research as opposed to secondary research, as this will lead me to be better informed on future briefs. 
Write up a plan of my intentions for the design process before the next brief so that I can manage my time effectively and produce work of a higher quality.
Further both my technical skills on design software, as well as on dreamweaver so that I can begin to work cross media and broaden my design ideas.
Research more innovative and interesting design formats so that I can create more exciting and engaging work. 

5= excellent, 4 = very good, 3 = good, 2 = average, 1 = poor

Quantity of work produced
Quality of work produced

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