27 May 2013

Creative CV: Part 2 Development

I have been working on the actual written part of my creative CV, as well as including samples of my work to display alongside it. I want the layout to be simple, and I've continued to use the typefaces that I have included on the front page for consistency. I also think that they reflect my design tastes, and I have continued to use the red colour throughout on the type, again for consistency. The samples of work I have chosen are ones that I think best reflect my design practice, and show a range of work as well as highlighting what I think are my strengths. The actual written part of my CV is formally laid out, as I wanted to create a balance between the jokey side of my work and also show that I can successfully create layouts and make my work look professional. So far I think it is coming together well, although given more time I would prefer to develop the concept further so that it looked more like a normal newspaper.

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