26 May 2013

Creative CV: Part 2 Concept

After looking at other people's creative cvs, I have decided that I want to mix both a creative idea with a more formally laid out cv, forgoing the use of infographics and instead using mainly text, with images of samples of my work included inside.
I think the one part of my work/personality I would like to focus on and communicate in the creative cv is my sense of humour, and my ability to communicate this through copy and ideas, as well as displaying some of the work I am most proud of.

Therefore my concept for the creative CV is to create either a small booklet/newspaper that is titled 'Pick Me Up' and plays on the idea of advertising myself to potential studios in the form of a dating advert, in a column which would be called 'The Lonely Arts'. I have settled upon this idea as it is not something that I have seen before and so this would hopefully help me to stand out, and I also think that it reflects my tongue in cheek sense of humour and approach to design. I will be balancing this use of humour with a formal layout and use of typography that reflects my design tastes, such as serif typefaces. I do want it to look really high quality otherwise I don't think any studio would give it a second look, and so if I have time, I would love to screen print the work.

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