22 May 2013

OUGD501 Module Evaluation

The skills that I have developed in this module have been mainly focussed on the essay writing, which I struggled with at first, but now I feel that I have developed my writing style and my research skills, and the ability to triangulate and critically evaluate other's work and theories. I have also developed my use of imagery as I have used collage in my work which I have never tried before.
If i'm being honest, this module has been filled with more weaknesses than strengths for me, and I have struggled at points with the work that has been set.
The essay was the main thing that I have struggled with on this module, as it has taken up so much of time and effort, and I am unsure yet whether this has been worth it. I have had to re write it to make it hopefully passable, which has meant that I have lost time that could have been spent on bettering my publication. I struggled with the application of theory and the use of sources in my work, although in doing my re write I do think I have improved my research and essay writing skills.
Applying the level of thought and theory to my publication has proved difficult, and I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a concept, and over-thought what I was doing as a result. This affected my time management of the brief and therefore meant that the print quality of my final publication suffered. If I had left myself enough time to do it, I would have liked to have had the publication riso printed for a nicer texture and print quality, and I also think this technique would have worked well with the 'lo fi' collage style I have used. Although I am pleased with the layouts and the work I have done, I do not think that I have pushed my idea far enough, unlike others who have a whole product range to go alongside their publications.
My strength in this module has been the use of collage imagery in my publication, which I used to relate to Mulvey's idea of destroying visual pleasure and also the construction of the gaze. I think that the images I have created using the collage have been well thought out and are aesthetically pleasing as well having a sense of humour to them, which I always think is important with quite heavy subject material.  I chose to use the gaze in my work because I have gained an understanding of it on previous courses and so felt confident that I could communicate this subject better than others that had been looked at during this year. In terms of tone of voice in the publication, I think that I have managed to strike a balance between informing people of the academic side of the theory, as well as visually communicating it using examples and hopefully by making it more entertaining.
In the future I would like to push my work further, and spend more time focussing on thinking through the concept and the finished product more thoroughly so that my final resolution looks more complete.

Things that I would like to do differently next time
Set aside more time earlier in the module to research my work more thoroughly.
Think more broadly about the possibilities of my publication and what it could be.
Think more about stock and print finishes that could be applied.
Use more sources in my work so that my final resolutions are more developed.
I could research into subjects more broadly, rather than simply researching into what is asked of me.

5= excellent, 4 = very good, 3 = good, 2 = average, 1 = poor

Quantity of work produced
Quality of work produced

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