28 May 2013

A Design Presence: Logo/Type Development

I have been developing the type and logo for my personal branding, experimenting with different typefaces, both serif and sans serif, to see which one I think best suits my personality and style, and as I have looked at the different typefaces, I have decided that the typeface Otama Ep, a fashion and style based font, reflects my personality best and therefore I will be using this as my logo type. I have not yet decided on a body copy typeface that would be used for the information on my business card and other branding, but I will probably be using either a more subtle serif typeface or a contrasting, contemporary sans serif typeface to make sure it retains a balance design wise. I am actually really happy with the logo, its simple and I do think that the use of type is more reflective of my design practice than an attempt to create a really fancy logo that has no real meaning behind it.

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