28 May 2013

A Design Presence: Concept

My Creative CV has pretty much already dictated my concept for the Design Presence brief, which is going to carry through the tongue in cheek humour where I have created a personal dating style ad for myself. Looking at my research I have definitely found a certain style that I love and would like to use as my inspiration, using a bodoni style typeface and luxe finishes and colours. In terms of my design for this I want it to be simple but look high quality. I'm going to incorporate the whole 'pick me up' phrase from my creative cv into the business cards as this will encourage people to take a card, as well as having the tongue in cheek meaning relating to the personal dating add.

In terms of a logo, I really am only concerned with using type as I don't feel the need to create a logo just for the sake of it, I have tried drawing out different ones and I don't think any of them reflect my personality or design style. Using just type feels more natural to me as I like things to be simple.

Things I will be creating:

Business Cards
Creative CV (technically already been created, but functions as my samples of work also)

Things I won't be creating:

Invoice (this seems premature as my main aim from creating my branding is to gain experience and studio visits, not to reach out to clients)
Extra stationery (again this seems premature and a little big headed)

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