14 May 2012

PPP Progress Crit

At the crit today, I got some useful feedback, and found the crit process to be beneficial, especially as I was beginning to hit a bit of a stand still with my ideas.
The main feedback I got about my oracle idea was that the predictions I produce should be useful first and foremost, so it serves a better purpose than simply vein entertaining.
Everyone was quite positive about the idea, I am just worrying that my idea is too ambitious, especially as I have no idea how to craft a 3d product properly, and also given the time we have left I'm unsure I could even do it to a high standard.

5 Things Our Group will have at the crit.
  1. 5 Presentation boards - 1 x concept, 1 x research, 1 x visual research, 1 x development, 1 x final product
  2. Clear statement of intent
  3. Clear evidence of progress on blogs
  4. Evidence of how your initial ideas have changed from now until the final crit
  5. Final product to view

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