24 May 2012

Fortune Cookie Packaging

These are some examples of packaging that I was hoping to use as inspiration for my own work. Because the cookies are an odd shape they could be quite difficult to package unless its in a box, and at this point in the brief I cannot afford to be experimenting with different boxes. It is possibly more realistic for me to think about some kind of wrapper for the cookie.In terms of their actual style, I am not very impressed by the packaging I have seen, its all quite tacky and generic, and if I had more time i guess I could play with that style, but I need to work quickly to sort it out. I want to make something that has a bit of a mystical edge to represent the idea of the predictions within, but I also want it to feel light hearted to reflect the content. 

I have created a few design ideas that I am hoping will work out.
This was created as the front of a box that would house the cookie, and I created in a style similar to that of the artemis creamery, but Im not sure it really fits that well with the look of the cookies and the style I want. It's possibly too 'cosmic' and stepping away from the asian influenced style of fortune cookies. 

With these designs I think Ive reached a better balance between cosmic and modern, and also the asian influences. The blue patterned paper is being printed onto tracing paper so that it can be wrapped up, and then the two pages are being printed off as tags to be attached to the wrapped up cookie. If I had managed to get a print slot I would have created these as stickers, but once again bad organisation has left me in the lurch. 

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