23 April 2012

Speaking from Experience Workshop



Brief Title Creative PracticeSemester2

TutorFred Bates - John Watters

Studio Brief 2 - Speaking From Experience


Produce a graphic response/ graphic product /body of work that makes a statement, comment, observation or gives advice about your experience on your first year of this course.

You will need to identify appropriate content, and develop/identify appropriate media/formats that will effectively deliver your concept to next years new first years. Will it be entertaining, advisor, informative or instructional?
Background / Considerations

Think about the new experiences that you have had, the difficulties that you have overcome and the new people you have met and the life skills you have acquired this year.

Remember what it was like starting your first week, how did you feel and what emotions did you experience? Excitement, trepidation, fear or did you feel overwhelmed. You might have benefited from some advice, opinions and insight from others that have experienced the same transition. 

What might you say, do or give to next years graphic design students to make the transition into the student experience, particularly this course more welcoming? 

Mandatory RequirementsDeliverables

Enjoy the process of reviewing your year.

All work should be documented on your PPP blog and labeled 'Speaking from experience'.

Resolved design solutions in a format and media appropriate to your concept.

3-5 A2 presentation boards communicating the product, range and methods of distribution of your concept (pdf versions should be posted to your PPP blog.)

Evidence of Design development in the form of design sheets, support work, notebooks, prototypes etc. documented on your PPP blog.

Rational and evaluation (see forms provided)

Studio DeadlineModule Deadline

28th May 2012 - 1pm(see Assessment briefing for further information)

Supporting Material / Resources / Useful Links

Download print friendly Handouts here.

For our crit on Friday, we have to have come up with 3 problems and 3 messages, along with 5 reasons for choosing these problems, and 5 methods of delivery each. 
I'm hoping to come up with some interesting responses, especially since this is one of the final projects of this year, it's just finding out whether I want to make something light hearted or serious.  

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