19 March 2012

Time Management Part 2

10 Ways to Improve Social Life
  1. Go out with friends at least once in the week. 
  2. Spend less time on Facebook or Twitter and actually try and phone some of my friends up for a chat. 
  3. Try and find something new to do every week, even if it's just something small and simple. 
  4. Try to find a dance class to attend in Leeds.
  5. Explore Leeds more, instead of staying inside cooped up. 
  6. Persuade my boyfriend to visit me in Leeds more often so we see each other more than once a week when I go home. I also want to make more of an effort to travel to any comedy gigs he has at the weekend. 
  7. Talk to more people in the studio. 
  8. When I'm home I want to spend more time with my family instead of in my room.
  9. Organise a summer holiday with friends. 
  10. Invite people over the flat more.

10 Ways to Improve Domestically
  1. Always wash up my dishes after I've had my tea and not the next morning.
  2. Make my tea earlier, instead of waiting until about 9 in the evening and making a half arsed attempt that I barely touch. 
  3. Wednesday = Laundry day
  4. Wake up earlier in the morning so that I have time to make myself presentable, instead of tumbling out of bed and into the first thing I find. 
  5. Spend more time cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom.
  6. Hoover every week.
  7. Reorganise all of my papers and drawers every month and clear out anything I no longer need.
  8. Try harder to get to sleep earlier in the night.
  9. Wash my sheets every week.
  10. Bake more.

10 Ways to Improve my Design Practice

  1. Wake up earlier in the morning so I can reach college by 8.45/9ish, and then I have that time to blog and write a to do list for the day.
  2. Review and evaluate the work I have done each day on my blog. 
  3. Spend more time researching into briefs.
  4. Spend more time in the library looking at the design magazines and books available. 
  5. Develop my software skills by using online/magazine tutorials. 
  6. Draw more. 
  7. Avoid the internet unless for researching and blogging.
  8. Structure my time designing so that I have half an hour of solid work and then a 5 minute break, and then get straight back to it instead of being distracted. 
  9. Annotate blog posts before posting them instead of going back to it. 
  10. Ask more questions in crits to get more informed feedback. 

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