25 January 2012

100 Things Rationale

Brief - 
Create the branding for a new Japanese fast food restaurant serving Bento - a form of Japanese packed lunch. The products created will be part of the restaurant's identity, and will also aim to inform/educate people about Bento and Japanese food. 

 Young professionals - 20 - 40, and those who have busy lives, and want a healthy fast food.

 My target audience need to know because research I have gathered indicate it is around this age people have their mid life crisis and this combined with the current economic climate, people need to be aware of happiness and money, it is subject they are currently interested in and relevant to many.

 The products will all be linked to the restaurant's identity - A logo, Food packaging, Drinks packaging, A Menu, Business Card, Loyalty Card, Chopsticks packaging, and several posters advertising the restaurant and informing the audience of the origins of bento. I hope to create products that are both fun, engaging and appropriate for the young professionals market.

Primary Research Required - 
 Ask for information from a friend who currently lives in Japan.

Secondary Research Required - 
Ingredients that make up a bento, japanese dining etiquette, japanese phrases and research into other successful fast food restaurants. 

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