28 May 2012

What is Graphic Design for? Retail and Promotion

Taken from Retail Design Blog

Rag and Bone Madison Avenue
Audience: Young adults, unisex
The retail space that has been designed to reference the spaces previous use as a bank, which creates a USP for the brands flagship store. The space has clean lines, lots of bright open space, but also has some quite industrial touches that give the space and the brand more of an edge. 

Ben Sherman Concept packaging
Audience: Young adults, mainly male
Ben Sherman has had a rebranding, and the retail spaces, and their products have been designed to appeal to a more stylish and youthful customer. The contemporary classic style has been created by using a stylish typeface, and a minimal colour palette - the foiling on the bag adds to the luxe effect. The idea of a 'shirt bar' also creates an idea that shopping at Ben Sherman is more of a retail experience.

Taken from Inspired Design Blog

Cioccolato by Savvy Studio
Audience: Young adults, mainly female, stylish and wealthy
The design for this retail space is cool, contemporary and luxe, creating the idea that visiting the shop is a unique experience. They have also been quite playful with the design, cleverly creating design features based on the sweets being sold. 

Tesco at Goodwood Revival
Audience: Adults, unisex, interested in vintage and retro style
To tie in with its presence at the vintage festival, Tesco opened a shop filled with vintage and original packaging of classic products, which creates a fun, and light hearted atmosphere, and also creates an added experience.  
Taken from Design Week

John Lewis Beauty Hall by GP Studio
Audience: Adults, mainly female 
The John Lewis beauty hall is meant to attract a mainly female and adult audience, which is done successfully by creating a very grown up, stylish atmosphere, with clean lines and lots of bright white space that means that the beauty products are the main visual interest.   

York Roast Co rebranding by Robot Food
Audience: Broad - People of all ages, residents and tourists
The rebranding of this company creates a balance between something quite heritage and classic, and a more modern space that allows it to compete as a modern food brand. The black and gold palette creates a sense of luxury and heritage, and the seating area blends a retro and modern style that is visually appealing. 

Taken from Retail is Detail

Starbucks Amsterdam Store
Audience: Everyone
The design for Amsterdam's flagship store is very conceptual, and the main design focus appears to be wood everywhere, which looks quite cool, and also warming, which makes it an inviting atmosphere which is obviously a requirement of a chain like Starbucks. With chains, they are also aware that they need to create a space that feels personal instead of generic, to keep up with the smaller cafes that are often deemed trendier. 

Audience: Hip, young adults
Sprmrkt has a very strong, cool contemporary design, which allows the clothes they are displaying to be the main focus of the consumer. The atmosphere is quite industrial and clinical, which is successful in making the space feel maybe grander and more individual than many shops, but could also be quite alienating to some.

Taken from BP And D

H and M Pop Up Shop
Audience: Young adults, females, fashionable
Cross promoting both the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and H and M's jacket range, this pop up shop has a vibrancy to it that creates an interest in the consumer to interact with it. The bold use of colour works well against the black jackets and also makes the environment more attractive to a younger female audience.

Mosch Mosch
This is an asian restaurant which is reflected and communicated effectively in the presentation of the space. The use of wooden tables and chairs in very strong geometric shapes focus on the clean lines of asian decoration, and the use of orange and fresh bright colours communicates the freshness of the food. 

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