12 November 2012

5 Studios Task

Studios/Companies I feel I have have synergy with


Hey Studio, based in Barcelona, are a small studio with an impressive portfolio of some fantastic modern, youthful and edgy graphic design. They seem to have a great sense of humour which is portrayed in their work, which i feel fits with my personality as I love being able to use humour through graphic design.


Here Design have designed some of the most lovely, sophisticated looking cook books I have ever seen, and since I love food and graphic design, I hope I could fit in well there. Aside from having a similar love of cook books, their designs are stylish, modern and interesting.


Based in Stockholm, 25AH are a small design agency with a fresh, youthful and fun design style which I appreciate and would love my work to look like.


Design Cue are mainly about branding and identity, which is one area I am really interested in and want to develop as I have enjoyed it in the past. Design Cue are modern and youthful, and don't stick to one main aesthetic style in their work which I feel is similar to my design work.


Construct London are a design studio which primarily serves the fashion industry, creating some gorgeous luxury designs that are visually interesting, interactive and tactile. They have a very clear, luxury design direction, and this is something I would love to experience and work with. The work they have created for Mulberry is also fun and cool, which is something I wish to achieve with my own work.


Although not primarily a graphic design studio, the fashion graphics that the design team of Mulberry produce for Fashion Week, such as invites, and their look books and other promotional material are always tactile, stylish and fun. They have a very British sense of humour and personality which I connect with when I see their products.

Choosing just one out of these studios that I feel would be most synergetic with my personality is difficult because I think that I am all over the place in terms of where I would like to work and what I would like to do, but narrowing it down, its between either Here Design, 25AH or Construct London.

Here Design would probably be my main choice if pushed, because the work that they create, although delivered across several different platforms, seems to be mainly focussed on editorial and branding identity, which are two areas I have a real love for and want to explore further in my practice. Realistically, when I graduate I would most likely stay in England, so the location is also a factor in this choice, as they are based in London which is somewhere that is easily accessible, and is also a great place to be a part of, especially from a designer's point of view.
The work they create is a mix of fun, vibrant and sophisticated, and they have a range of impressive small/mid sized clients that means that they can experiment with their work and create something stylish and creative.

Methods I Could Utilise to Contact Them

Email is the advised method of contact, despite many studios receiving hundreds a day, so as suggested the email title should be attention grabbing.
Telephone as most Studio contact lists offer phone numbers, although this could be quite an awkward practice, and there is always a large chance of rejection by them simply hanging up the phone. 

Social Networking as a way to follow them, get in contact if they prompt it, but also to put forward your own links for them to click on and explore your work or communicate with you. 

Sending a CV/Mailer through the post that is visually intriguing/innovative/interesting that they would be inclined to open and read. 

Through Networking Events they may attend, they can be approached and you can then use this as an opportunity to self promote, and also to discuss their practice and design studio. 

Be bold and go and knock on their door, as Simon mentioned he used to do the same thing at a design agency. 

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