25 September 2011


5 Reasons I chose to study at Leeds College of Art are...
In all honesty, I got in through clearing *through choice, not because I failed*, having only discovered LCA through other people who described it to me as some kind of Mecca for Graphics. but when I got here, I got why it's kind of a big deal.
The student work on display that equally delighted and horrified me (I will never be that good), the fact that everyone including my Foundation Tutors told me how good a reputation it has, the amount of studio space available to me, which is incredible after having to fight for a space in Blackpool or sit on the floor. It's links to the industry that were made obvious by the website and the gazillion awards people on this course have won, meaning I actually have a good chance of getting the connections that will lead me to a decent job in this field. The two main things that made me really want to come though were 1.The amazing printing facilities (i love print)
2. The fact that LCA is like a small community. I'm generally a shy and anxious person, and If I would have had to go to somewhere like Leeds Met, I think I would have just drowned in the sea of students. I knew I could actually settle into this course, and so far I feel like I'm really going to be supported in my work, and not just forgotten and left to do it alone.   

5 Things I want to Learn on my Time on this Course Are...
Advanced Printing Skills. Printing was my favourite part of my foundation course (if you couldn't tell already), and I can't wait to learn new techniques that can help me progress my work, especially in screenprinting. I'm also (very sadly) excited to learn about Letter Press.
I also want to learn and develop skills on the Adobe Software Suite. From looking at other people on the course, my technical graphical abilities have a long way to go, and I want to be technically competent so that I can actually begin to catch up.
Hopefully sooner rather than later, I'd like to learn how to better present and talk about my work. I often find myself distracted by my nerves, which gets embarassing in front of about 40 other students.
Another thing I'd like to be able to do is web design, as I know that a lot of jobs within this industry are headed that way, so even If I don't get a job in print which is what I'd like to, I at least have the skills to pursue a back up.
I'd also like be able to visually communicate my ideas better, which will hopefully progress along with my technical skills on photoshop and illustrator.

5 Things that I Think are my Skills are...
Working in a team. After blog group 4 won the vote on the How To brief (GET IN), I feel really great about mine and everyone else's contribution. Even if I'd been in a group that had it's differences, I feel like I would still keep a focus and work as best I could on the task at hand.
Drawing. I feel most confident in my drawing abilities, because that's what I've had most practice at, and when I'm bored or uninspired, I often feel better with a pen and a sketchbook in my hand.
I also think that I've become quite good at developing concepts and ideas. For some reason my mind just seems to go into overdrive and I can't get the thoughts onto paper fast enough. Obviously not all my thoughts are genius ideas, but it does mean I have more things to develop and experiment with.
A sense of humour in my work also seems to be something I've developed in the past few years, and I like to think I have a good grasp on the tone of a piece of work for different target audiences.
Finally I think one of my skills is being able to edit and critique my own work. Having read thousands of magazines and books based around design and photography, I think some of the visual information is just sat in my head, so that I can tell when a piece of work isn't looking right, or as professional as it could do.

5 Things I Would Like to Improve on are...
Typography skills. I'm incredibly jealous of people who can create type faces that actually look fresh and unique, for some reason my imagination doesn't stretch to that yet.
I'd like to improve my time management for this course, especially after realising just how much work I will have on my plate. Even if it makes me look like a saddo, I'd like to be able to develop some sort of set timetable for myself which keeps me working for at least some time everyday, not just for the 24 hours the day before a deadline.
I'd also like to improve on my ability to not take criticism of my work too personally. I'm fully aware that my work will need developing, and i'd like to not start bawling my eyes out the minute someone gives me feedback.
Another thing that I need to improve on is my concentration levels. I get distracted so easily and then have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.
Finally it would be great to see my competency on this blog improve, and hopefully once I'm more used to it I can start to make it feel more like me, and sound more like my style of writing.

5 Ways I Will Evaluate My Progress on the Course are...
By using this blog as a reflective journal. I will be able to analyse my own work often, and hopefully I will get used to critiquing myself.
By making sure I listen to everyone's feedback in group crits, as everyone was really helpful in our last one and knowing how difficult it was to get on this course, I trust everyone's opinion.
In tutorials I'll listen to whatever feedback Amber, Fred etc have for me and work on whatever gets critiqued.
Maybe once every semester, I'll properly go through all my work and be able to see how far I've come with it, and hopefully if I can be bothered I'll write up some posts about what I think has most improved in my work.
When I get to the stage of going on professional placements (EEK), I'll be sure to ask for the studio's opinions on my portfolio, and hopefully they will provide me with some valuable lessons on my style and ways to improve.

5 Questions I Want to Find the Answer To...
What am I really good at? - Because we get to try all sorts on this course, I'm praying that I'll be better than average at at least a few things, so that I can begin to actually work out my path to a career in Graphic Design.
Why me? - After looking around at everyone else's stuff, and the skills that everyone else already seems to have, hopefully I can begin to work out why Leeds took a chance on me (ABBA).
What the f*** is a vector? - I'm an adobe/graphics noob.
What am I like? Not in an `OH SILLY ME` kind of way, but i'm hoping I can work out a distinctive style that fits with who I am while I'm here.
Why does Stephen Fry have the answer to everything? Refer to Stephen Fry to the answer for that question.

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