27 March 2013

Business Card Research

I went looking on pinterest and behance.net for some inspiration for my self promotional work, and came across a selection of business cards that I liked the style of. I want to create something that is well designed and tactile, with a focus on it's finish so that it creates something that is memorable because of it's quality, as opposed to a concept design that is executed badly. On the other hand, I do still want to try and incorporate some humour or playfulness into my business card because really I think that's one of my main interests when designing something, just so long as it doesn't become gimmicky. There are some really amazing business cards out there, and the finishes that I think are the most effective are stamping, foiling and the painting of the edges. It's also nice to see cards in a series, which is something John has also mentioned to us in the past, which creates interest as they become like a collectible item.

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