25 September 2012

5 Things - Year 2

5 Reasons Why I Chose the Programme

The quality of the work and of the graduates
The number of facilities available within and around the college
Small and focused course
Large amount of studio space
Reputation of the college

5 Things I Want to Learn

Professional/ Business skills and conduct
Analogue print processes such as screen printing and letter press
Illustrator and more in depth software skills
Editorial design and layout

5 Skills You Think Are Your Strengths

Idea generation
Use of type
Understanding of audience and tone
Blogging of my work
Good organisation

5 Things I Want to Improve Upon

Finishing a product to a high professional standard
Time management
Being more experimental and innovative
Art theory writing skills
Illustrations and use of image in my work

5 Ways I Can Evaluate my Progress
Through my blog
End of Module Evaluations
Crits with peers
Portfolio feedback from Professionals
Through assessment feedback from tutors

5 Questions that I Want to Find the Answer to

Which direction do I want my work to take after graduating?
How can I be more innovative with my designs?
Do I want to work as a freelancer or as part of a design studio?
How do I design for web?
How do I manage the business aspect of design?

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