3 March 2013

SWOT Analysis of Studios Where I Would Like to Work

Studio: Phaidon, London Office
Reason: Although not technically a studio, I know that they hire artworkers to work on the layout and editorial of their books, and one of my main creative interests is to design book covers, which they do so well. I've never come across a Phaidon book cover that I haven't liked. 

S: It is a well known publisher. Renowned for publishing high quality products, and high quality design and layout. It publishes a variety of books to a high standard, showing it's adaptability and understanding of book trends. Being a large company means that they have more stability.

W: Not having one particular focus means that it competing against a larger set of other publishing houses.  

O: Book and design trends that it can keep up to date with so that it is competing with smaller niche markets.

T: The decline of print in favour of digital books.

Studio: Contruct, London

Reason: The design that they create is fun and stylish, and they create printed products that are luxe and desirable.

S: They create luxe, high quality designs for designer brands meaning they have a substantial budget to work with and possibly greater profitability. Working with designer brands means that they have built
up a strong reputation, which would guarantee them more business.

W: They are only appealing to a very specific, wealthy market, which might possibly alienate clients.

O: By being linked to popular designer brands, they can further cement their luxe design reputation to build a greater list of large clients.

T: Studios with a similar design aesthetic could undercut them if they feel they are in competition with Construct.

Studio: Here Design, London

Reason: Here Design are a studio that create designs that I admire, with a strong focus on creating editorial and designs for cookery books and packaging for food brands, which is a passion of mine. 

S: They are a multi disciplinary studio, which means that they can work on a number of briefs to create effective outcomes. They are a small studio, making them seem more personable and approachable. 

W: Being a small studio, they may struggle with getting larger scale projects and clients, which may affect the amount of money they make.

O: The clients it already has can establish it's reputation to get more clients.

T: Other newer studios with a similar aesthetic who could possible undercut them.

Studio: Hey, BarcelonaReason: They just seem like a really fun and vibrant studio to work for, and the work they create is visually exciting as well as being strong in its concepts. S: They are multi disciplinary, which means they can be working on a number of different briefs which will provide them with a more steady range of work and therefore a more steady income. W: Their style seems very youth driven and may not appeal to larger businesses. O: By creating so much good work they have become very popular on the internet which makes them more likely to get clients.T: There are a lot of similar design studios out there who they are in competition with.

Studio: 25ah, StockholmReason: I love their design aesthetic and they are mainly type based which I think is one of my strengths, and they create really fun and impressive designs that still meet their clients needs.S: They work with a variety of clients, which shows their adaptability and their understanding of client needs.W: Not having a niche market to design for means they have more to compete against.O: Their online presence can help them to reach out to a wider client base.T: Other design studios with similar styles could undercut them.

Studio: Penguin Books, LondonReason: Although I am aware that a lot of the publications will have external designers, I think that working in a place like this would be really interesting and fun, and I'm sure there would be some designs created by an in house team as well.S: They are one of the most well known publishing houses both in the UK and nationally producing consistent and high quality books.W: They do not have a niche market and instead are part of almost every genre of book, lack of focus and specialisation. O: Their web presence could be made a lot sleeker to ensure they are taken seriously.T: The digital publishing world threatens print.

Studio: Four Corners Books

Reason: Again I am not too sure whether they have a designer that they use externally or internally in their publishing house, I think the work they are producing is beautiful and amazing and I would really like to know more about their process.

S: A very specialist market means they have a real focus and a clear audience.

W: They are a very small publishers, how do they compete with a design book specialist like Phaidon?

O: Their online presence is fantastically designed, means they are more likely to be taken seriously and approached.

T: Phaidon and other larger design publishers, as well as digital publications.

Studio: SB, Liverpool
Reasons: I love the simplicity of their work, it's very cool and contemporary with a strong concept behind it.

S: Small studio based in the North of England means that they have less competition than if they were based in London, and the work they produce is sleek and stylish.

W: Being in the North of London may also limit the amount of kind of clients that approach them or that they can approach.

O: Further their online presence, social networking, could even set up a Northern design network.

T: Similar design studios who could undercut them. 

Studio: Turner Duckworth, London

Reasons: Turner Duckworth know how to work with commercial brands to make them desirable, and they show a great understanding of audience and market, which I would like to learn more about.

S: They attract large businesses who are likely to have larger budgets, improving their business. They also create work that shows an understanding of audience and has strong concepts. 

W: Their website is not displaying their work to the best of their ability. 

O: Improve their online presence, could mean that they reach out to even more clients.

T: Other businesses working with large clients. 

Studio: Micha WeidmannReasons: Their work is so stylish and luxe and they work with branding and identity as well as publishing which are my two main areas of design that I would like to be involved in.S: They create unique work with a luxe feel, and they have a range of varied clients meaning that they know how to design for different audiences.W: Their design style is very unique and may not apply to everyone.O: Their web presence could be improved to make it more modern and sleek.T: There are similar studios in London who they are in competition with, such as Construct who also create luxe identities. 

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