13 October 2011

Beautiful Things

These promotional posters were created by Tyler Stout, for the Tour of the Flight of The Conchords. 
I adore these posters, not simply because of the fact that I love Flight of The Conchords, but also because of their unashamed wackiness.
 Most posters now are quite minimalist, which often works well and usually I like that style, but these look so refreshing because they look like an incredible amount of effort has gone into them, showing that the designer cares about his designs. The illustration also fits perfectly with the offbeat and quirky feel of the show and of their music, whilst the bright and varying colour schemes reflect the bizarre qualities of their music and the fun and often childlike lyrics. 
I know it would be a challenge for me to ever produce something as intricate as this, but I'd love to produce promotional posters for both music, TV and film, and maybe one day my illustration skills will mean I can create something that an artist will want to use to promote their work. 

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